10th anniversary British & Irish Film Festival Luxembourg

The 10th anniversary British & Irish Film Festival Luxembourg is taking place from this Friday 13 September until the following Sunday week, 22 September 2019, and features 16 feature films and a shorts programme (Irish films).

Tickets cost €9 from www.luxembourg-ticket.lu, with a Season Special Ticket at €30 (for 5 screenings), tel: 470895-1.

This year there are six Irish feature films, with the supernatural comedy “Extra Ordinary” opening the festival on Friday evening – the same evening as it opens in Ireland.

Synopses of the Irish Films:

Extra Ordinary (supernatural comedy) on Fri 13 Sep @ Kinepolis Kirchberg @ 19:00: An Irish comedy featuring a sweet & lonely driving instructor with supernatural abilities that allow her to communicate with spirits; however, she is reluctant to use her “talents” as her father died the last time she did. When a widower contacts her pleading for help as he is haunted by his dead wife’s spirit, things take a sinister turn when an aging rock star seeks a virgin sacrifice. Hilarious with twists, turns, ectoplasm and haunted wheelie bins. See https://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/en/8/eid,24349/extra-ordinary.html

Rosie (drama) on Sat 14 Sep @ Ciné Utopia @ 19:00 (written by Roddy Doyle): tells the story of a mother trying to protect her family after their landlord sells their rented home and they become homeless. See https://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/en/8/eid,24350/rosie.html

Alcock & Brown, the True Story (documentary) on Thurs 19 Sep @ Cinémathèque @ 18:30: 14 June 1919 will remain one of the most important dates in aviation, when John Alcock (from Manchester) and Arthur Brown (from Glasgow) became the first to fly non-stop across the Atlantic, from Newfoundland to Clifden in Ireland. The film recalls the early days of aviation and how the achievement came about. Was screened in Clifden for the centenary celebrations this June. Truly fascinating. The director will attend. See https://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/en/8/eid,24359/alcock-and-brown-the-true-story.html

The Man Who Wanted To Fly (documentary) on Tue 17 Sep @ Cinémathèque @ 20:30:: Five years in the making, this is a story of never stopping believing in dreams. Bobby Coote, now in his 80s, left school at 13 and spends most of his time fixing clocks and making violins, but he has never lost sight of his lifelong dream to fly. He organises a runway in a field and builds a hangar. Now he must buy a plane with his life savings…  all the time when his brother thinks the whole idea is mad. A fascinating insight into many layers of Irish rural life, but Bobby is determined to get airborne, despite many setbacks. The director will attend. See https://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/en/8/eid,24360/the-man-who-wanted-to-fly.html

Note: Documentary Double Bill (€15 for the 2 screenings; with a surprise for all) for “Alcock & Brown, the True Story” and “The Man Who Wanted To Fly”. Tel: 470895-1.

Educating Rita (drama) on Thurs 19 Sep @ Cinémathèque @ 20:30: Cinémathèque’s Screening (Vintage Print). Shot in and around Trinity College Dublin, set in London; 27 year-old hairdresser Rita decides to complete her basic education before having children as desired by her husband. She joins an open university literature course and is tutored by a middle-aged alcoholic and debauched professor from the upper-class whose life has left him emotionally drained, without self-esteem. Rita’s humour and determination to improve herself is contagious; she gives motivation to Frank who helps prepare her for the exams to join the university… See https://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/en/8/eid,24372/educating-rita.html

Never Grow Old (western; IE/LU/BE/FR) on Fri 20 Sep @ Cinémathèque @ 20:30: An Irish undertaker profits when outlaws take over a peaceful American frontier town, but his family comes under threat as the death toll rises. See https://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/en/8/eid,24374/never-grow-old.html

Irish Shorts Programme on Sun 22 Sep @ Kinepolis-Kirchberg @ 13:30, preceded by a Walking Brunch at 12:00 (€40 includes film ticket). The shorts programme includes, amongst others, “Triúr a Bádh” (in Irish with EN sub-titles) with Máire Ní Nuanaín (90 years old who will be in attendance). See https://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/en/8/eid,24440/shorts-programme-%2b-walking-brunch.html (brunch & short films) & https://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/en/8/eid,24376/shorts-programme.html  (short films only)

For full details, see www.bifilmseason.lu,  ticketing online at www.luxembourg-ticket.lu



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